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Fedora Flock 2015 Itinerary

Preliminary as of 8/3/15

I'll be departing from my home on the Sunday previous to Flock by ground transportation and will return by air the Tuesday after Flock. As of the Monday before Flock I plan to attend each day of Flock focusing on those sessions that are already within the domain of my skill set. My plans are fluid and I'll be opening minded to new technology and opportunity, because my goal is to learn.

With this in mind I'll attempt involvement in meaningful:

  • Collaborations
  • Conversations
  • Communications

I've never owned:

  • A smartphone
  • A current era tablet
  • An Android device


Flock appears to be a Big, Big showcase and I'm concerned about brain burnout, therefore I'll probably recreate as much as possible. And, and, I'll be on the road for ten days simply to attend Flock and will therefore be carrying a significant portion of kit.

My Evolving Travel Equation

Daily Expected Profit = Bucks I've got to bring in each and every day. This includes The Day Gig, for instance, Recreation Days, Travel Days while going to an event such as Flock, or Activity Days while at an event such as Flock.

Total Trip Days = Total Travel Days + Total Activity Days
Actual Trip Cost = Travel Expenses + Lodgings + Meals + Lost Income
Average Daily Trip Cost = Cost of a trip averaged over the Total Trip Days

Actual Trip Profit = How much bucks is actually made during a trip. For instance, if writing sales there is an immediate profit from a trip. Remember, if at home on a weekend sleeping the value of that sleep must be equal to or greater than the Daily Expected Profit. Also, any Realized or Intrinsic Trip profit is added to the Actual Trip Profit.
Realized Trip Profit = If bucks are made after the fact from a trip then this equation is revisited and the Actual Trip Profit is revised.
Intrinsic Trip Profit = For instance if a technology is adopted as the outcome trip this is considered as a profit made from the trip