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Personal notes and reflections (scribbles!) on being the local guy-on-the-ground for FUDcon Toronto 2009. This is a memory-jogger, mostly.

FUDCon Schedule from the Local Perspective

  • T-5 months - check on space, hotel, FUDpub possibilities
  • T-4 months - negotiate hotel rate, FUDpub arrangements, reserve space, open registration
  • T-1 month - find lunch caterer, give approximate vegetarian counts to caterer and FUDpub venue
  • T-2 weeks - order shirts
  • T-1 week - reconfirm arrangements, give final vegetarian counts
  • T-2 days - print badges and signs
  • T-1 day - put up signs

Things to Do Differently Next Time

Brain dump...

  • Use a non-wiki registration system so additional information can be collected
    • Ask who will be present on which days (useful for lunches, capacity planning)
    • Collect detailed contact information - cell phone number, IRC nick, e-mail address
  • Get tons of power bars
  • Get more networking capacity at hotel and venue
  • Arrange all lunches in advance
  • Larger hack room at hotel
  • Agree on a common Flickr tag (not 'fudcon')
  • Pitch barcamp talks in advance (video? wiki?) with voting (counts don't need to be accurate, they need to be representative, for planning)

Things I Found Useful in Negotiating

  • Play vendors off against each other, e.g., multiple hotels, multiple FUDpubs