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Ahmed Mustafa Daoud

Hello, I'm Ahmed Mustafa Daoud student at Menufia university faculty of computers and information - Menufia - Egypt, I'm interested in opensource technologies specially Linux, Java, PHP. I'm Using Linux since 2005 started with Linux-Plus Fedora core 1. I would like to join Fedora project to spread Linux in my region and university.


2006 until now: student at faculty of computers and information, Computer Science Dept.


MUFIX Community: organizer in a group of volunteer students at Menoufiya university who are helping students in a lot of many interesting Technical Topics specially related to SUN Microsystems ,Java and Opensoure software

Free Linux media/support provider for students in our university.

With in Fedora: I plain to organize sessions about Fedora to help student in my university to use Fedora.

Programming Skills

Java, C++, PHP

Future plan

I have a dream to install Fedora on all our faculty labs PCs instead of windows so I will start that by convincing my professors to use Linux.


Spoken Languages

Arabic: mother tounge

English: good