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Hello. If you're looking at this page you're interested in more information about me.

My name is Andrew Ross. I am actively involved with a handful of open source projects including OSGeo, Eclipse, Fedora, Drupal, and Ingres (where I work for my day job).

Open Source has been good to me, and mentoring/teaching is my way of trying to create opportunities for others. I am involved with Google Summer of Code, UCOSP, Fedora Summer Coding, and I teach programming at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

If you're interested in open source, consider checking out FOSSLC. FOSSLC is an incorporated non-profit organization that records and hosts videos of great presentations and demos. You'll also find information about events, and jobs involving open source technologies. FOSSLC has developed some powerful software for recording presentations and demos called Freeseer.

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