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Personal Information
Birthday: May 4,
Home: Ankara / TURKEY
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: gokhan
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: gokhan.sakar AT
GPG-Key: 7fd291a3687b47ae
IRC: . on in
#fedora-ambassadors #fedora #gnome #zurna
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Hello, my name is Gokhan,I'm student of Mathematics Department at Middle East Technical University in Capital City of Turkey / Ankara, also i have BSc degree of Computer Engineering and BSc degree of Business Administration . I'm very passionate about programming, I already know C++, Python, Pascal, HTML and I'm learning other languages. nowadays, i am intresting with GO

My first computer was commador 64, after that i have IBM 80/286 and 80/386 sx-25 x86 pc, i'm using microsoft operation system ( ms-dos 6 after that win 3, and 3.11 with networking :), in 1997 i have bought my first macintosh after two years, i have I-Mac G3 power pc, yeeeey ^^ I'm using Gnu/Linux systems since 1997, i started using Gnu/linux with Yellow Dog Linux on Macintosh, then i had to use Suse Linux 6 in 1998, after that i experienced slackware, free-bsd, mandriva and red-hat Gnu/Linux.

Personal Information

Fedora-specific Information

My Hardware

  • Desktop
    • Intel Core i7 4790k @ 5.2 Ghz
    • 32 Gb Ram
    • AMD 7790 OC
    • 4 * 256gb SSD Samsung Pro Raid 0
    • 27" Dell IPS Display
    • OS: Fedora 30 RC

  • ARM Hardware
    • Raspberry-PI 3 x 4 Quad Computing
    • Orange Pi

Activities within Fedora

  • L10n: Fedora Translator Contributor in Turkey from 2018 - ...
  • Release Party: Gnome 3.28 Release Party in METU / Ankara / TURKEY 2018
  • Release Party: Fedora 28 Release Party in METU / Ankara / TURKEY 2018
  • Release Party: Fedora 29 Release Party in METU / Ankara / TURKEY 2018
  • Release Party: Gnome 3.32 Release Party in BMO / Ankara / TURKEY 2019