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Hello Everyone,

My name is Gireesh Sreekantan. I am working as an UNIX administrator (Linux, AIX) for the past 2 years. I hold a RHCE and the IBM "P-Series Specialist" certification. I already hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and I am currently pursuing a part-time MBA in Software.

I have been using Linux on my desktop for almost 5 years now and on my laptop[1] since the day I bought it 2 years back. I decided to join the Bug-zappers team to contribute back to the community and make sure that things go smooth for others who may try Linux/Fedora.

I am based out of Chennai, India [2] and the Fedora Localization project (Tamil) is one of the other areas I am looking forward to contribute in the near future.

I am occasionally available on IRC as sgireesh and usually comment on Distrowatch linked reviews as Gigi. My email is sgireeshmail AT gmail DOT com