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Helio Chissini de Castro
Helio Chissini de Castro
Personal Information
Birthday: July 31 1974
Home: Ulm, Germany
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FAS-Name: heliocastro
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GPG-Key: D7C28C2A
IRC: heliocastro on in
#kde-devel #fedora-kde #qt-labs #kde-brasil
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About Me

As life demand me stay at home early days, i got interested in computers and years passed, then university came and computers all over again. In the middle of the university, around 1996, a professor arrived to use and show something called Linux. So the first part of history started there.

Second came when i joined Conectiva, where i arrived to do the first ATM port to Linux in the world, and which soon i been presented to the thing that would define my life in opensource and work, KDE project. I jumped from Ark to KMix to bug fixing and then packaging !

So during the years ahead i've been lead KDE package for Conectiva, then Mandriva, give talks everywhere in Brazil about the projects and some in the world, been advocating to KDE as primary contact for South America and Brazil and later i started to work on Nokia N9 project through Collabora.

Nowadays, i'm system maintenance engineer on Red Hat and still part of the wonderful crew of KDE people, a family to me in some ways.

My Fedora History

After i left Mandriva, i strongly decided that my machines would use Fedora, the most logical sense at that time. I helped a little with Fedora KDE team, but not near enough that i really want to. In my previous company, Sábia, i customized Fedora with KDE as main system for cool specialized machines, used in oil platforms and harsh environment. So Fedora is around me every day and probably will stay for long time