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Heracias Bezerra Leite Neto


Heracias Neto was born in 1981 in São Luis-MA, Brazil. Currently working as an analyst of Information Security
using mainly RedHat  / Fedora in their projects.
Partner in projects of the government with free software as "Expresso Livre" ( and currently
trying to mount a serious project of FEDORA-BR in the state.

Experience in Security Information:

- Firewalls;
- IDS;
- Vpn;
- Security Policies;
- Penetration tests.
- Hardening. (Linux)
  • Extensive experience in shaping secure Linux distributions, troubleshooting and analysis.


* Email:
* IRC: Nick: BugsFix (#fedora-br, #fedora-ma)
* Fedora Account: heracias
* GPG Key: B5C0CE78
* [1]


  • Alagoas Digital 2009 [2]


  • LPI - Linux Professional Institute
  • TFC Trend Micro Foundation Certification
  • TCTP Certification Fundamentals of Malware Awareness

Finger Print

96A1 C912 2E1A 1CF7 D584  07D4 F41F 76F4 B5C0 CE78