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Something About Me


I am Yugandhar Veeramachaneni, an under-graduation student, very interested in spreading the usage of Fedora by conducting Workshops and events so that awareness is built in the people. I own a considerably good number of Websites belonging to various categories of public domains and I wish to spread the usage of Fedora through out the world through the visitors of my website(s).

I am also planning to launch a workshop on with my own resources about FOSS and Fedora to the computer users of my college (Most probably by the end of May 2009), and bring young minds closer to Fedora. I hope this will enlighten them about the OSS !

Contact Me

E-Mail : Website : Fedora Account : Hsiplabs

Activities within Fedora

1.Conducted Two small workshops in my living area introducing Linux Computing (Fedora) to my neighbors and they all converted to Linux 2.Pasted some stickers in my college notice-board as to what Linux is and its edge over Windows 3.Currently is an approved Fedora Ambassador.

--Hsiplabs 14:21, 23 March 2009 (UTC)