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Terrance Hutchinson

I am currently working at Dot Hill Systems which develops SAN storage arrays. Hewlett-Packard OEMs are product as the HP StorageWorks P2000 MSA array. I am a Software Engineer in the storage controller group, specifically in the Host management team. I have been using GNU/Linux since 2004. I started off using Fedora Core 4 and have stayed with it since. At work I am always pushing the idea of using linux and open source software for tools we need. I currently have Fedora 15 on my work laptop and RHEL 6.1 on my server. In my spare time I tend to work on various aspects of open source development.


  • E-mail Address:
  • IRC: #fedora, #e, sometimes the developer channels, #edevel, my IRC name is gnp421
  • GPG Key:
  • Fedora Account: hutchint
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO

Activities with Fedora

  • Volunteer at local schools and universities to teach GNU/Linux to students by using the latest Fedora release
  • Participate in local computer events by setting up booths or passing out flyers showing the many benefits of using Fedora Linux
  • Hold Install fests in the area to help people in setting up Linux on their computers or just showing them how to use the Live CD
  • Create Presentations on the benefits of Fedora/ Open Source software for IT Administrators; explain clustering/mixed environments as well
  • Testing the kernel, NFS and Samba integration in Fedora
  • Developing bugfixes and features for the kernel, NFS and Samba upstream