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Raleigh, NC, USA - November XX, 2009 - The Fedora Project, a global
community leading the advancement of free, open software and content,
today finalized the conversion of the licensing of its documentation and
wiki to a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License,
also known as CC-BY-SA.  This content was formerly licensed under the
Open Publication License.

Every six months, the Fedora Project produces a new release of its Linux
distribution, as well as a large amount of supporting documentation and
content. Moving to CC-BY-SA allows for wider reach of this material as
more people understand that they can share and remix it in the same ways
they can share and remix the software included in Fedora.

In addition to the wiki, Fedora has produced nine guides for users and
administrators of Fedora systems for the Fedora 12 release.

"Migrating to the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License will
increase interoperability between projects, so we can share our work
more easily," said Ian Weller, who oversees wiki administration for the
Fedora Project. "Based on our mission to free and spread our content, it
just makes sense."

Mike Linksvayer, vice president of Creative Commons Corporation, said,
"The Fedora Project's move to CC BY-SA for its documentation and wiki
demonstrates its leadership in free, open software and content and
shows that Wikipedia's migration to the same license this summer was
the beginning of much greater interoperability across the free world,
not merely an end in itself."

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system built by a global community
that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is
always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. The Fedora
Project is open and anyone is welcome to join. For more information on
Fedora, to download the distribution or to join this community effort,
please visit:


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Today, the Docs team finalized the conversion of the licensing of our
documentation and project content from the Open Publication License
(OPL) to a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
(CC-BY-SA). Docs originally reached a consensus to change the license in
June 2009, and after answering questions raised by the community, the
Docs team decided to go ahead with the transition.

While OPL is a free and open documentation license, moving to a more
widely known and adopted license and the one used by the likes of
Wikipedia and GNOME Project helps us share our content more easily with
the rest of the Free software community.

Additional information can be found at:

We'd like to thank Tom 'spot' Callaway, Fedora's legal ninja, and
Richard Fontana of Red Hat Legal for their help with the conversion. We
look forward to continue working with the community and share our
documentation freely.