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  1. Funding needed: Full cost of transit and a place to stay. Other expenses I can cover.
    • Flight:
      • With the FUDBus: ICT → BOS is approx. $275 (Thu Dec 3; Tue Dec 8) — need crash space in BOS
    • Hotel is $200
    • Total $475 (estimate)
  2. What I'll be doing at FUDCon:
    • Hacking on fedora-event-splash (Moksha-based splash screen for events like FUDCon, UTOSC, the RH Summit, SELF, what have you) with Clint Savage, Luke Macken (hopefully), etc.
    • A developer track on creating modules for Statistics 2.0
    • A user track on OfflineIMAP will be presented if you guys want it
    • Meeting up and hanging out with awesome people
    • Other things as requested by Important People