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José Matos
Personal information
Location: Porto, Portugal
Birthday: Feb 4
E-mail: jamatos [at] fedoraproject [dot] org

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: jamatos
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:


Point of Contact

PyRTF Rich Text Format (RTF) Document Generation in Python
PyX Python graphics package
pygrace Python bindings for grace
pygsl GNU Scientific Library Interface for python
pyparsing Python package with an object-oriented approach to text processing
python-HTMLgen A class library for the generation of HTML documents
python-amara A collection of Pythonic tools for XML data binding
python-configparser Backport of Python 3 configparser module
python-cpio A Python module for accessing cpio archives
python-doit Automation Tool
python-natsort Python library that sorts lists using the "natural order" sort
rpy Python interface to the R language
R-TH-data Data for other R packages
R-car Companion to Applied Regression package for R
R-lmtest Testing Linear Regression Models for R
R-mAr R module to evaluate functions for multivariate AutoRegressive analysis
R-multcomp Simultaneous inference for general linear hypotheses R Package
R-systemfit Simultaneous Equation Estimation R Package
R-waveslim R module, Basic wavelet routines for 1,2 and 3-dimensional signal processing
R-wavethresh R module, Software to perform wavelet statistics and transforms
R-zoo Z's ordered observations for irregular time series
Scientific Computing
armadillo Fast C++ matrix library with interfaces to LAPACK and ATLAS
fftw2 Fast Fourier Transform library (version 2)
grace Numerical Data Processing and Visualization Tool
mhonarc Perl mail-to-HTML converter
t1lib PostScript Type 1 font rasterizer
t1utils Collection of Type 1 and 2 font manipulation utilities
tellico A collection manager


PyKDE Python bindings for KDE3
R-mvtnorm Multivariate normal and T distribution R Package
lyx WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) document processor
maxima Symbolic Computation Program
python-nikola A static website and blog generator
wxMaxima Graphical user interface for Maxima


python-imaging Python's own image processing library
conglomerate Extensible XML Editor