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Jason Keirstead

  • Currently work for Research In Motion as a BlackBerry Technical Support Associate in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange department.
  • Has been a Linux user for over 12 years, and have used Fedora since the Core 3 release. I started my foray into the Linux world with Slackware, but moved on to Redhat 2 years later.
  • Have dabbled in PHP and shell sripting (BASH).
  • Works well with BIND, and have setup several LAMPs.
  • Don't ask why, but I once bought a book on Qmail. I did used to run Qmail, but have long since abandoned it.
  • I'm an advocate for RTFM. If RTFM doesn't have the information you need, then google it. What's that, google doesn't know. Well then let's ask some people.
  • Has taken courses on SCO, but not that proud of it. However, that was back in 1996.
  • Interested in helping out any way I can.


Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador