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Getting sources

Upstream Thermostat source releases can be downloaded from:

Getting and Running Standalone Integration Tests

$ export VERSION=1.6.5-SNAPSHOT
$ export SHORT_VERSION=1.6
$ wget -O thermostat-standalone-integration-tests-${VERSION}.jar \${SHORT_VERSION}/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/integration-tests/standalone/target/thermostat-integration-tests-standalone-${VERSION}.jar
$ java -Dcom.redhat.thermostat.itest.thermostatHome=/usr/share/thermostat \
       -Dcom.redhat.thermostat.itest.thermostatUserHome=$(mktemp -d thermostat.XXXXXXXXXX) \
       -Dthermostat.agent.verbose=true \
       -cp $(ls thermostat-standalone-integration-tests-*.jar) \

The last step runs very basic integration tests against packaged thermostat. A summary of the test run can be found in the "thermostat-itest-reports" folder, file "summary.txt". In case of failed tests, there should be one file per failed test class in folder "thermostat-itest-reports". Look in those files for details about the test failures.

Why run those tests?

For example if those tests pass, bundles resolve for all thermostat one-off-commands. For more details have a look at the AllStandaloneTests class in the upstream Thermostat sources. At least this should give some confidence that packaged thermostat isn't terribly broken.