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João Marcos Floriano
João Marcos Floriano
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Home: Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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FAS-Name: jfloriano
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GPG-Key: CC179A6A
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Who is jfloriano?

Buenas. This is the Gaúcho "hello". My name is João Marcos Floriano, born in Arvorezinha, RS and I live in Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil. I am a Computer Science sutdent at Universidade de Passo Fundo and I work as a training network analyst.

Free Software and me

I had my first contact with Free Software in 2013 when I participated in the Grupo de Estudo e Pesquisa em Inclusão Digital - GEPID (Study and Research Group on Digital Inclusion), which develops projects of social and technological context, based on free (as in freedom) tools. In the same year, I watched a lecture with "rms", a fact that no doubt intensified my interest and sympathy for the free software movement.

I started using Fedora last year, driven by the curiosity to unveil what was under the red hat. Like a thirsty person who finds a crystalline water fountain, the more I discovered, the more I wanted to know. At FISL16, I had the opportunity to talk personally with a few members of the Fedora development community, and I got amazed by the ideals that base it, specifically the four 'F' letters.

And here I am today, starting my path of gratitude for everything Red Hat did and have done for free software and for the freedom of knowledge.

I would like to be helpful with anything you need and things that are within range of my still limited knowledge. In a special manner, I think of helping in package maintenance.

I thank immensely for the opportunity.