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I am indeed called Jim Wright and for a while was trading under the dubious business name "Bohemian Enterprise", hence the "be" suffix I use to make my ID unique. Currently 45 and a bit years old, an Englishman resident in the Czech Republic, with Czech wife and 3 kids.

I have been using Linux since the days of SLS and switched from Slackware to Red Hat shortly after its first release. I don't specialize much so can write code in a long list of languages (but not perl). In the Czech Republic I gained a few years experience as a lead technical writer based on my native English skills. Early in my career I did a couple of contracts as a "system tester" because an agency misinterpreted my experience "testing encryption algorithms". What it really means is professional cracker ;-) Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I have pretty broad experience. I prefer coding but usually end up filling other gaps in the Web app development projects I work on. Right now my knowledge of RHEL keeps me busy with configuration, deployment and support while my colleagues focus on Java.

OK, if you are intrigued see