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The point of this note is to document the steps for removing the version number from the RPM produced by Publican so that it matches Fedora packaging standards.

Grab the SRPM

If the Publican produced RPM has been produced by someone else, get the SRPM from Publican.

Unpack the SRPM

Make an empty directory to work in. For Publican, there really don't seem to be a lot of files, but another RPM might make a whole bunch

From this directory:

rpm2cpio {name.src.rpm} | cpio -i

This should leave you with two files; a tarball and a spec file.

Rename the tar

unpack the tar

tar -xzf {name of the tar}

this will create a subdirectory. Name that subdirectory fedora-release-notes-version-number

repack the tar

tar -czf fedora-release-notes-{version}.tgz fedora-release-notes-{version}

Rename the spec file

 mv {something}.spec fedora-release-notes.spec

Edit the spec file

  1. Near the top, change the name to fedora-release-notes
  2. Next line, change the version to match the tarball version
  3. Toward the latter part of the file, Name= represents what will show on the menu. Adjust this if needed
  4. Near the end, the version number on the changelog entry must match the version number on the tar, then a dash, then the release number

Build the RPM

Copy the tar to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES

rpmbuild -ba fedora-release-notes.spec

Check the RPM

 cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch
 rpmlint fedora-release-notes-(long version).noarch.rpm

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