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Changes In DevTools for F11


4.13 - Reference card, Better support for HTML, multibyte charsets


2.19 - Minor changes


2.4.1 - ?


6.8.50 -- minor?


2.2.6 - complete rewrite - see NEWS from rawhide


0.138 - ?


1.6.1 - ?



  • Enhancement to directors to wrap all protected members
  • Optimisation feature for objects returned by value
  • A few bugs fixes in the PHP, Java, Ruby, R, C#, Python, Lua and Perl modules
  • Other minor generic bug fixes (0 comments)



2.3.1 - site below shows last release as 2.2 a year+ ago





  • Add support for bzr tags -r 1..2, that is we now support showing tags applicable for a specified revision range. (Marius Kruger)
  • authentication.conf now accepts pluggable read-only credential stores. Such a plugin (netrc_credential_store) is now included, handles the $HOME/.netrc file and can server as an example to implement other plugins. (Vincent Ladeuil)
  • shelve --list can now be used to list shelved changes. (Aaron Bentley)


  • Add trailing slash to directories in all output of bzr ls, except bzr ls --null. (Gordon P. Hemsley, #306424)
  • bzr revision-info now supports a -d option to specify an alternative branch. (Michael Hudson)
  • Add connection to a C++ implementation of the Windows Shell Extension which is able to fully replace the current Python implemented one. Advantages include 64bit support and reduction in overhead for processes which drag in shell extensions. (Mark Hammond)
  • Support the Claws mail client directly, rather than via xdg-email. This prevents the display of an unnecessary modal dialog in Claws, informing the user that a file has been attached to the message, and works around bug #291847 in xdg-utils which corrupts the destination address.
  • When working on a case-insensitive case-preserving file-system, as commonly found with Windows, bzr will often ignore the case of the arguments specified by the user in preference to the case of an existing item on the file-system or in the inventory to help prevent counter-intuitive behaviour on Windows. (Mark Hammond)



2.47 (2008-10-23)

Important notes

  • LOAD now uses DIRECTORY only for wild *LOAD-PATHS* components, thus speeding up the most common cases and preventing the denial-of-service attack whereas CLISP would not start if a file with a name incompatible with *PATHNAME-ENCODING* is present in USER-HOMEDIR-PATHNAME.

  • Bug fixes:
    • Comparison of floats and rationals never underflows. [ 2014262 ]
    • When failing to convert a huge LONG-FLOAT to a RATIONAL, signal an ARITHMETIC-ERROR instead of blowing the stack. [ 2015118 ]
    • Restored TYPECODES g++ compilation [ 2015118 ], which allowed fixing a few GC-safety bugs.
    • Fixed a segfault when signaling some UNBOUND-VARIABLE errors in some interpreted code on MacOS X (introduced in 2.46). [ 2020784 ] Thanks to Vladimir Tzankov <>.
    • Fixed input after switching a :DOS stream to binary. [ 2022362 ]
    • Support circular objects in EQUAL and EQUALP hash-tables. [ 2029069 ]
    • Avoid C namespace pollution. [ 2146126 ]
    • Fix timeout precision in NEW-CLX. [ 2188102 ]

  • ANSI compliance:
    • The sets of declaration and type names are disjoint.
    • FLET, LABELS and MACROLET respect declarations.



2.6.3 - Site shows 2.6.2 as latest


cpanspec, 1.77 -> 1.78

1.78 - not much info on sourceforge or



4.7g - no info on site



2.72 - site says maintainer quit after 2.71



2.2.0 - not much on site



2.2.0 - not much on site



4.2.5 - not much on site



2.6.8 - upstream shows latest release 2.6.7


  • New upstream release
  • fdollars in identifiers and gcc 4.0 for arm
  • Fix 64bit fixnum coersion bug using code from cvs HEAD
  • 64bit fixnum fasd data format fix from cvs head
  • Fix long-call gcc configure bug for ppc
  • revert 64bit coersion (gmp_big.c, maybe_replace_big) and replace with code in siLnani (main.c) to get addresses from bignums. 2.7.0 will have 64bit fixnums on 64bit machines, but this should not be backported to 2.6.x
  • Remove gcc-3.3 for arm in debian/rules
  • make default maxpage depend on SIZEOF_LONG and PAGEWIDTH in a sane fashion
  • Fix read-char-no-hang
  • Strip emacs warnings when finding site-lisp directory
  • mach-o update for latest binutils
  • Latext bfd mach-o support from Aurelien
  • revert to locbfd default on ppc-macosx
  • More ppc macosx fixes from Aurelien
  • revert a few macosx changes
  • default to void * prototype on my_sbrk for latest macosx pending Aureliens #ifdef
  • Fix plt.h parsing on macosx
  • Fix leading_underscore detection on mac
  • macosx name mangling fixes
  • multi-process safe gazonk names in compiler::*tmp-dir*
  • Add underscore-mangled setjmp calls to plttest.c for macosx
  • Fix, Closes: #336207.
  • Update templates, Closes: #324636
  • New French and Swedish translations, Closes: #333654, Closes: #336757.
  • Add feof to plttest.c for macosx
  • Cleanup LEADING_UNDERSCORE case in plt.c for macosx
  • pass devices if present in compiler::get-temp-dir, fix disassemble for new gazonk name pattern
  • fix configure
  • Add mount declaration to plt.c
  • Use internal gettext for bfd
  • Restore xgcl2
  • Set compiler::*tmp-dir* at runtime
  • report tmp-dir setting with system-banner to enable clean -eval - batch operation; fix listen on socket streams; use (abs (getpid)) in tmp names for Windows
  • fix configure unbalanced quotes
  • support for bignums in nth
  • Fix branch cut of atanh
  • Fix typep on simple-arrays
  • prevent nested free errors
  • revert atanh branch cut change
  • Fix function documentation wrapping by compile
  • cond evalmacro from cvs head
  • Fix fixnum declarations in new smallnthcdr/bignthcdr
  • fix simple-array typep
  • updates for lsp/sys-proclaim
  • fix read-char-no-hang
  • string comparison functions are not predicates
  • xgcl integration
  • Add missing build dependencies, omit html generation to avoid non-free dependencies, CLoses: #372574.
  • Remove references to null constant in gcl_Xinit.lsp
  • Fix cs.po
  • update fr and sv po files
  • clean xgcl-2/gmon.out
  • xgcl merge from cvs head
  • cleanup latest gcc warnings
  • defentry C proclamations and xgcl cleanup
  • remove emacs build dependency
  • synch xgcl-2 with Novak edits
  • fix build errors
  • Remove power of two limit to MAXPAGE;fix X lib paths
  • configure cleanup
  • delete-file works on directories;build xgcl the old way;latest xgcl from Gordon Novak
  • xgcl upgrade
  • parse_number from cvs head with *read-base* fixes
  • fix object_to_string
  • install xgcl-2/sysdef.lisp
  • fix info dir and emacs site lisp dir installation
  • New xgcl readme
  • Remove bashism from debian/rules
  • Fix dwdoc doc-base error
  • fix ia64 build
  • fix socket write error
  • HAVE_SYS_SOCKIO_H for solaris
  • autolocbfd for solaris
  • no -Wall when no gcc
  • no -fomit-frame-pointer on m68k
  • no profiling on mips
  • $(AWK) instead of awk
  • si::stat function
  • fix 'the boolean type coersion error
  • no varargs on cygwin
  • while eval macro
  • gensym counter fixes
  • xgcl updates
  • fix lstat for mingw
  • backoff to gcc-3.4 on alpha,arm,hppa, and m68k
  • build-dep on gcc3.4 where appropriate
  • Newer standards
  • fix typeo in object_to_string
  • Fix large float read bug in c1constant-value
  • more default stack space
  • unrestricted gcc for alpha
  • si::gettimeofday function for HOL88 build
  • macosx fixes
  • unrestricted gcc for m68k
  • no profiling for hppa, allow C optimization on hppa
  • make sure *tmp-dir* is set
  • makeinfo is optional
  • no C optimization on hppa, gcc 4.x on hppa
  • update cs.po, Closes: #389211
  • static function pointers for hppa
  • Fix leading underscore behavior of my_plt
  • add sqrt to plttest.c
  • disable-nls added to the binutils subconfigures to avoid msgfmt dependency
  • remove -lintl from powerpc-macosx.defs
  • update to make-user-init from cvs head to support hol88, fix link on mingw
  • solaris-i386 support
  • fix read-char-no-hang on mingw
  • fast compile without wrap-literals
  • sigaltstack support
  • fix cerror
  • add read-byte,read-sequence,write-byte,write-sequence support
  • fix some float parsing inaccuracies
  • support GNU_HASH sections, Closes: #426135
  • safety 2 for certain low level functions in gcl_listlib.lsp, CLoses: #415266
  • solaris i386 is little endian
  • drop gcc-3.4 on arm, Closes: #440421
  • Depend on emacs22 | emacsen, Closes: #440190
  • debconf translations Closes: #410683, Closes: #419736, Closes: #423706, Closes: #441408
  • statsysbfd in Debian, incoporating modules into libgcl.a for compiler::link support
  • Non-maintainer upload to fix pending l10n issues
  • Debconf templates and debian/control reviewed by the debian-l10n- english team as part of the Smith review project. Closes: #457025
  • [Debconf translation updates]
    • Portuguese. Closes: #457576
    • Czech. Closes: #457677
    • French. Closes: #458120
    • Finnish. Closes: #458255
    • Galician. Closes: #458529
    • Vietnamese. Closes: #459008
    • Russian. Closes: #459308
    • Dutch. Closes: #459541
    • German. Closes: #459887
  • [Lintian] Correct FSF address in debian/copyright
  • [Lintian] Remove extra whitespaces at the end of debian/
  • [Lintian] Correct section in doc-base documents from Apps/Programming to Programming
  • Accept NMU
  • Bug fix: "[INTL:sv] po-debconf file for gcl", thanks to Martin Ågren (Closes: #492241).
  • Bug fix: "gcl: FTBFS [amd64]: cannot trap sbrk", thanks to Daniel Schepler (Closes: #487435). Modified and applied personality handling patch.
  • Bug fix: "gcl: Builds broken package with gcc-4.3", thanks to Daniel Schepler (Closes: #467474). Added sincos to plttest.c
  • No infinite unrandomization loops
  • gcc 4.2 for mips/mipsel for now
  • __divdi3 et. al. symbols for ia64 and arm
  • clean some compiler warnings
  • default gcc with pic enabled on mips/mipsel
  • more div/rem symbols for arm and hppa
  • more div/rem symbols for alpha
  • redo unrandomize.h to enable compilation under -O2 -- FIXME; Closes: 494153
  • backoff arm opts
  • more careful handling of GCL_GPROF_START
  • proper word order detection macro, fixes armel
  • support newer binutils with output_bfd element
  • Fix 64bit interrupt bug
  • reader error fix



User-visible changes between 0.6.2 and 0.7.0:

Requirements: : At run-time requires libtool and gcc (for the libcc C interface) and gdb (for the disassembler (SEE)) on some platforms.


   automatic performance tuning on building (--enable-force-reg unnecessary) 
   report performance and functionality problems at end of "make" now exists 


   Changed to GPLv3 

Bug fixes

   Now works with address-space randomization. 
   The single-step debugger works again in some engines. 
   Many others. 


   AMD64, ARM, IA-64 (Itanium): better performance 
   PPC, PPC64: disassembler and assembler 
   Gforth EC: R8C, 4stack, misc, 8086 work 
   MacOS X: better support 


   New flags --ignore-async-signals, --vm-commit (default overcommit), --print-sequences 

Forth 200x:

   X:extension-query: produce true for all implemented extensions 
   X:required REQUIRED etc. (not new) 
   X:defined: [DEFINED] and [UNDEFINED] 
   X:parse-name: PARSE-NAME (new name) 
   X:deferred: deferred words (new: DEFER@ DEFER! ACTION-OF) 
   X:structures: +FIELD FIELD: FFIELD: CFIELD: etc. 
   X:fp-stack (not new) 
   X:number-prefixes (partially new, see below) 

Number prefixes:

   0x is a hex prefix: 0xff and 0XfF now produces (decimal) 255 
   is a decimal prefix: 10 now produces (decimal) 10 
   Signs after the number prefix are now accepted, e.g, -50. 
   ' now only handles a single (x)char: 'ab is no longer accepted, 'a' now produces (decimal) 97 

Unicode support (currently supports only uniform encoding):

   added xchars words for dealing with variable-width multi-byte characters 
   provide 8bit (ISO Latin 1) and UTF-8 support for xchars 

New words:

   LIB-ERROR (complements OPEN-LIB) 
   OUTFILE-EXECUTE INFILE-EXECUTE BASE-EXECUTE (limited change of global state) 
   16-bit and 32-bit memory acces: UW@ UL@ SW@ SL@ W! L! W@ L@ W L 
   NEXT-ARG SHIFT-ARGS (OS command-line argument processing) 
   NOTHROW (for backtrace control) 
   FTRUNC FMOD (undocumented) 
   SEE-CODE SEE-CODE-RANGE (show generated dynamic native code) 

Improvements/changes of existing words:

   S\", .\" now support m, 
   OPEN-FILE with W/O no longer creates or truncates files (no compat. file) 
   OPEN-LIB now understands at the start, like OPEN-FILE. 
   TRY...ENDTRY changed significantly, compatibility files available (see docs). 
   The disassembler (DISCODE) can now use gdb to disassemble code 
   Uninitialized defered words now give a warning when executed 
   Division is floored (disable with "configure --enable-force-cdiv") 
   Gforth (not gforth-fast) reports division by zero and overflow on division on all platforms. 

Newly documented words:


Environment variable GFORTHSYSTEMPREFIX (used by word SYSTEM and friends) C interface:

   exported symbols now start with "gforth_" (for referencing them from C code) 
   libcc C function call interface (requires libtool and gcc at run-time) 
   alternative: undocumented libffi-based interface 


   depth-changes.fs: report stack depth changes during interpretation 
   ans-report.fs now reports CfV extensions 
   fsl-util.4th: FSL support files (undocumented) 
   regexp.fs for regular expressions (undocumented) 
   complex.fs for complex numbers (undocumented) 
   fft.fs for Fast Fourier Transform (undocumented) 
   wf.fs, a Wiki implementation (undocumented) 
   httpd.fs, a web server (undocumented) 
   status.fs, show interpreter status in separate xterm (undocumented) 
   profile.fs for profiling (undocumented, incomplete) 
   endtry-iferror.fs, recover-endtry.fs to ease the TRY change transition 
   test/tester.fs: Now works with FP numbers (undocumented) 
   test/ttester.fs: Version of tester.fs with improved interface (T{...}T). 

compat library:


Speed improvements:

   automatic performance tuning on building 
   static stack caching (good speedup on PPC) 
   mixed-precision division is now faster 
   support for int128 types on AMD64 
   workarounds for gcc performance bugs (in particular, PR 15242) 
   branch target alignment (good speedup on Alpha). 



6.10.1 - little info available on changes



Changed in version 2.4.1:

  • Depend on base 4.* when GHC >= 6.9, otherwise 3.*

Changed in version 2.4.0:

  • Add framed view of the HTML documentation
  • Build with GHC 6.8.2 and 6.8.3 again
  • Support images in documentation comments again
  • Small improvements to the Hoogle output
  • A few bugs has been fixed

Changed in version 2.3.0:

  • Support for GHC 6.10.1
  • Slightly improved space usage
  • Fix a bug that made hidden modules show up in the contents & index pages
  • Fix a bug that made Haddock load modules twice
  • Improvements to the Hoogle output

Changed in version 2.2.2:

  • Relax version dependency on ghc-paths

Changes in version 2.2.1:

  • Support for GHC 6.8.3
  • The Hoogle backend is back, thanks to Neil Mitchell. The plan is to be compatible with the upcoming Hoogle 4 pre-release
  • Show associated types in the documentation for class declarations
  • Show type family declarations
  • Show type equality predicates
  • Major bug fixes (#1 and #44)
  • It is no longer required to specify the path to GHC's lib dir
  • Remove unnecessary parenthesis in type signatures

Changes in version 2.1.0:

  • Fix a bug that made links point to the defining module instead of the "best" one (e.g Int pointing to GHC.Base instead of Data.Int)
  • Fix a couple of smaller bugs
  • The representation of DocName was changed in the library
  • Add a flag --no-warnings for turning off warnings


happy, 1.17 -> 1.18.2


highlight, 2.6.13 -> 2.7


ipython, 0.8.4 -> 0.9.1


livecd-tools, 020 -> 021


mantis, 1.1.4 -> 1.1.6


mcrypt, 2.6.7 -> 2.6.8


meld, 1.2 -> 1.2.1


memtest86+, 2.01 -> 2.10


mercurial, 1.0.2 -> 1.1.2


monodevelop, 1.9 -> 1.9.2


monotone, 0.41 -> 0.42


monotone, 0.41 -> 0.42


nasm, 2.03.01 -> 2.05.01


nemiver, 0.6.3 -> 0.6.4


ocaml, 3.10.2 -> 3.11.0


plague, ->


plague-client, ->


plt-scheme, 4.1 -> 4.1.2


pungi, 2.0.8 -> 2.0.9


pylint, 0.14.0 -> 0.15.2


revisor, 2.1.2 -> 2.1.3


rpmdevtools, 6.7 -> 7.0


sbcl, 1.0.21 -> 1.0.24


scons, 1.0.0 -> 1.2.0


srecord, 1.39 -> 1.46


subcommander, 1.9.93 -> 1.9.94


svn2cl, 0.10 -> 0.11


tkcvs, 8.1 -> 8.2


trac, 0.10.5 ->


translate-toolkit, 1.1.1 -> 1.3.0


ucblogo, 5.5 -> 6.0


xfce4-dev-tools, -> 4.5.93


yasm, 0.7.1 -> 0.7.2