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Jonathan Steffan

  • Libera IRC: daMaestro
  • Website:
  • Profession: Experienced Technology Executive & Engineer, Open Source Contributor
  • Email: jsteffan (a)

I am involved with many aspects of the Fedora Project. I am a package builder and maintainer. Respins infrastructure and automation.

Fedora Projects


  • Creation of Revisor, a GTK+/Python GUI and subsystem to build custom Linux distributions and live media based on RPM ecosystems
  • Contributions to distribute install/live media through network support (IRC, Torrent, direct download) and build system donation/management
  • Media distribution optimization for ISOs via Jigdo, rewriting the client in Python Twisted to optimize network I/O throughput (pyJigdo)
  • Creation of Fedora specific pastebin, without ads, safe short urls, and integrated OS features
  • Creation of Fedora specific search engine to search across all Fedora resources
  • Package maintainer, maintaining or helping to maintain RPMs throughout the Fedora distribution, creation of new packages for software inclusion into the distribution
  • Re-Spin SIG member
  • IRC Support SIG
  • Co-founder of Fedora Unity, a previous community group with a focus on user centric documentation (howto), real time support (IRC), and developing solutions to common user issues