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Susi Lehtola
Susi Lehtola
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Home: Helsinki, Finland
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FAS-Name: jussilehtola
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General information

I'm a theoretical physicist working in computational chemistry. If you're interested about my work, see my professional homepage.

I've been a Fedora user ever since its first release in 2003. Before that, I've used RedHat, Gentoo and a little bit of Debian. I did some systems administration at the University of Helsinki in 2003-2008, after which I became quite active as a contributor in Fedora. My aim was to improve the status of scientific software in Fedora. As the scientific software selection in Fedora is now a lot better, I'm concentrating more on research nowadays.

My packages

See full list of reviews of my packages (open or closed) here.

List of my packages that have passed review, are under review or await review.

The list of my packages available in Fedora is available here.

My sponsorees

I'm a packaging group sponsor, people I've sponsored so far:

  • Julian Aloofi julian.fedora
  • Sébastien Boisvert sebhtml
  • Gary T. Giesen giesen
  • Guido Grazioli guidograzioli
  • Michael J Gruber mjg
  • Gareth John gljohn
  • Takanori Matsuura tmatsuu
  • Veeti Paananen vpaan
  • Joshua Rosen bjrosen
  • Eric Smith brouhaha

If they mess up, please contact me.


  • Martin Gieseking mgieseki

whom I had originally sponsored is now a sponsor himself.

Getting sponsored

If you want to get sponsored by me, contact me at < jussilehtola AT fedoraproject DOT org >.

I expect you to:

  • make a few packages
  • do reviews of packages of other people

I think it is also important to package / review a wide range of packages, since doing e.g. just font or python packages doesn't prove you can handle packaging or reviewing of complicated software.

Package reviews waiting for sponsorship here.

Package review

Reviews I have done: see full list or just packages under review or packages that have passed review.

Full list of packages waiting for a reviewer here.