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Lukáš Růžička (lruzicka)


I first ran into Linux when a friend of mine was telling me something about DTP and on one of his computers a strange desktop was running. I asked what Windows version that was and he answered with a smile: "Linux". I liked that very much and asked if I could copy it. He gave me a couple of CDs and told me that I probably would not succeed in using it as it was very difficult.

The very next morning, I tried installing it on my computer and failed. I started to look around for more information and I found a couple of books in the local bookstore, as well as some errata explaining why that particular Mandrake version was failing during installation. I was able to fix it and install it.

Since then, I have been using Linux continuously for more than 20 years. My first version was Mandrake 8.1. Then I tried several different distros and fell in love with Archlinux which I switched for Fedora when I started to work for Red Hat.

I love the community way of working and being part of this wonderful project. I hope that together we can create a stable yet modern computer operating system for those who love lots of personal freedom and fair approach in their computing.

I also have other hobbies, such as making music, taking pictures, tourism and water sports.

Lukas Ruzicka