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John Mackay

  • Email/Gtalk: [[MailTo(mackay3 AT gmail DOT com)]
  • Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America.
  • Language: Spanish, english.
  • Age: 28
  • Interests: Graphic Design for Web and printed media, handmade and digital art expression, Multiplayer games.
  • Language: Spanish, english.
  • Nick: mAck.


Hi! I mainly use Fedora for a printed magazine publication, graphic desgin and web development. Currently studying Informatics, but Ill pass on to Graphic Desgin, it has just oppened in my university :). I am a member of the LUG at my city, you can check (News, Photogallery and forums) at (handle mAck) I really wish I could replace all propietary software, but Xara LX still can't export to *.CDR, I hope it will be implemented soon also, a better CMYK support in gimp and inkscape, in the shape of UCR(Under Color Removal) and GCR (Grayscale Color Replacement) as methods of CMYK separations for paper printing. I work specifically with Offset.

To show off Fedora is a pleasure Im indulging myself frequently.

Also, Im glad to now pertain to Fedora Ambassadors and be of help to the Fedora Project. Dont doubt to drop me an email, if you want to know something of printed publications and image formating for the web and I'll tell you what Linux has in store for you.

Programs in use

  • Inkscape (Vector Design, *.svg)
  • The Gimp (Bitmap editor, *xcf and some support for *.psd)
  • XaraLX (far more advanced than inkscape Vector Editor, learning currently)
  • Joomla! (CMS for my webserver, currently developing my webpage )
  • Firefox :)
  • Thunderbird
  • Gaim
  • Bittorrent
  • K3b
  • Agave (color palette calculator, it has random function, quite useful when you run out of Dr. Pepper)
  • OpenOffice
  • RealPlayer
  • VLC (Media player, gets to play LOTS of file formats)

The files produced of those 2 are bundled together in a *.cdr already formatted with page sizes to my printshop. As said before, im looking to get rid of propietary software.

Hardware Configurartion

Dual booting. A VFAT partition for sharing data with the other OS in the disk.


I believe the software is free, and Fedora believes the same as me, so with the proper license support (gpl, etc..) the good will materializes. I believe in a world where everyone can have access to learn, create, and taste freely as they desire. I believe in people that can make a change.