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I'm working as a system engineer at one of the major multinational companies in Egypt . Talking about my experience, I have a wide experience in Oracle DBA and Network Engineering, and I'm using Fedora as my main Linux distribution I'm working on in my working environment. I strongly believe in the Open Source ideas, and of course I'm proud of the open source communities collaboration, specially the activities done within the Fedora community. I'm also proud to say that I had contributed in supporting those activities by holding many sessions about Linux and Fedora as one of the most powerful distributions, specially in the Faculty of Engineering & Information Science Ein-Shams University I trained over 100 people on Red Hat products.


  • Name: Mohamed Hassan Zien El-din
  • Fedora Account: Mhassan

Activities within Fedora

As a Fedora ambassador, I wish to contribute through my technical and personal skills in promoting fedora distribution here in Egypt, and I wish also to promote fedora community technically.

As a part of my activities, I hold many presentations about Linux and Open-Source technologies. My latest presentation was organized and sponsored by the IEEE organization in Egypt , and we hold it in Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Computers & Information Sciences of Ein-shams University, we also established a Facebook group IEEE ASU SB '09- Linux

  • About future * About my plans to the future, I want to contribute in teaching students in all Egyptian universities Linux and the open sources technologies and software, and contribute also in making an open-source community all over the world to share our knowledge

My Experience

1. Strong experience of installing and Configuration Linux on different system and servers .

2. Installation and building open source Software like

3. Network Engineer .

4. Database Oracle DBA,mysql.

5. Course attendance In Sybase-Germany about mobile payment services


  • RHCT Certification Number  : 604007675712494 (2006)
  • CCNA Certification Number  : CSCO13314002 (2007)


  • Arabic: Mother Language
  • English : Very good
  • German language : good  : certificate from Goethe institute in Cairo