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Mike DePaulo
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FAS name: mikedep333
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IRC nick: mikedep333
IRC channels: #fedora-cloud,#fedora-devel,#fedora-ambassadors and a few others
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Mike DePaulo

"The X2Go Person"

Mikedep333 remote-desktop flock2015.jpg

About Me

I am a system administrator. I contribute to X2Go and various related/upstream open source projects in my free time. I just started contributing to some related areas in Fedora too.

In general, I find remote desktop to be very cool and I want it to be great part of the Linux OS. X2Go is my preferred remote desktop solution, but there are integration issues that X2Go needs to tackle with the help of Fedora,, and the other open source remote desktop solutions that are actively maintained (TigerVNC, TurboVNC, SPICE, the RDP solutions, and the upcoming Arctica Project.)

Current Activities within Fedora

Serving as an ambassador.

Creating/maintaining miscellaneous packages. Especially those that were missing for epel7.

Working on packaging GNOME Flashback

I also fix various Fedora/EPEL integration bugs in upstream X2Go. (xinitrc.d script support, Published Apps, etc.) User:Orion maintains the Fedora/EPEL X2Go packages (and does an excellent job.)


Possible Future Activities within Fedora

Improving XSpice

Improving integration between Remote Desktop solutions and the Linux desktop in general

Helping with various Windows/Mac clients or tools to help people migrate to Fedora (e.g., liveusb-creator.) An official suite of "Windows client apps" for Fedora.

Remote Desktop integration with Wayland.



BrickHack 2016


"Remote Desktop & Fedora" talk at Flock 2015 Slides Video

Upstream Events

X2Go Gatherings 2014 2015 2016

FLOSS Weekly episode (295) on X2Go

Other Interests

Cygwin (I am a package maintainer)

Architectures/ARM (for remote desktop clients)

Gluster (Distributed Storage)

oVirt (Virtualization)


Katello (Systems Management)

Samba and FreeIPA/SSSD

Proper sacrifice techniques for ensuring five nines of uptime