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Sergey Podushkin

I use Linux from 1995 as user and administrator.

  • Email: psv AT abbris DOT ru
  • IRC: neverho0d on #fedora, #fedora-russia
  • GPG key: 795417A7
  • Fedora Account: neverho0d
  • Language: English, Russian
  • Location: Tomsk, Russian Federation

Activities within Fedora

Sometimes I build Fedora remixes, live CD and DVD targeted for use in Russia. They freely available in Tomsk and could be ordered for delivery in other places (payment will cover only delivery and media).

I promote Fedora in Russia, particularly in Tomsk, conduct various meetings for business and educational institutes. On all events I offer free Fedora Remix LiveDVDs with rich set of applications for better knowledge of Linux, Fedora and FOSS.

I help to maintain local Fedora repository in Tomsk and maintain local mirrors of CentOS repositories.

I am creator and maintainer of OfficeMaster project (in russian only, sorry), that initially built in Fedora 6 and now based on current RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux.

I use my experience to help various people and organisations to use Fedora and migrate from proprietary software to free one.