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Orcan Ogetbil


  • E-Mail: oget DOT fedora AT gmail DOT com
  • IRC: oget at freenode on #fedora, #fedora-audio, #fedora-devel, #rpmfusion
  • Location: Piscataway, NJ, USA
  • Time zone: GMT -04:00
  • Fedora account : oget

Area of Interest

  • Mathematics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Music
  • Music Production

About Me

I've been using Redhat Linux/Fedora since RH 7.0. However, I haven't been able to work on Fedora until F-8 because of my doctorate studies. I'm a theoretical physicist, primarily interested in unification theories.

Sometimes, I compose music. I'm influenced by Classical Music, Jazz, Fusion, Classic&Progressive Rock. My main instrument is bass. But I also play guitar and some percussion.

Activities within Fedora

I have been mainly working on Audio Production side of Fedora. Lately, I have been porting over packages from PlanetCCRMA.

The AudioCreation page gives a (not-yet-totally-complete) list of our audio creation related applications. The goal is to make a "Fedora Studio Spin" at some point.

I also help with new review requests. I have done ~80 package reviews as of May '09. Here you can find the template I use when I do reviews.

Useful Links

My package candidates, awaiting review

My package candidates, under review

My packages in Fedora + the ones I co-maintain

Packages that I am reviewing currently

Packages that I am done reviewing

Serafettin Cartoon fonts that I made (available in Fedora)