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Peter Boy
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Location: Bremen, Germany


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FAS name: pboy
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Peter Boy

About Me

I’m a social scientist at University of Bremen, specialized in research methodology, statistics, and computational methods & infrastructure.

Aside from my work in teaching and research, about 20 years ago I founded and took over the leadership of a group that managed the IT infrastructure of a network of research institutes and highly funded Collaborative Research Centers, and thus the responsibility for the equipment and functionality of the basic working infrastructure of highly specialised research. Initially I used IBM AIX machines and then decided to use Red Hat Linux, Scientific Linux and Fedora.

On part of my research work, I have been working in recent years on web-based communication in science, public administration and the health system, specifically including the long-term maintenance of quality through software-supported and autmatised procedures. I got involved in the Java development of an open source content management system based on Tomcat and jBoss / Wildfly application servers (CCM - a former Red Hat product) and took over the project management a few years ago.

Personally, I have started using Fedora since release Fedora Core 1. For a long time, I happily used exclusively a Fedora workstation in research and teaching. When Gnome 3 hit Fedora, I switched to MacOS with great regret. Gnome Shell was too cumbersome for my daily work routines. I continued to use Fedora in Gnome classic mode, but only for server administration and some Java development activities.

What I'm Currently Working On in Fedora

I have joined the Fedora Server SIG and am currently focusing my work on contributions to improve and extend the documentation. In parallel, I started contributing to Fedora Magazine to help promote Fedora.