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FAS-Name: phill
FAS-E-Mail: phil [at] linuxeinsteiger [dot] net

Name: Philipp Baum
Born: December 20th 1990 in Ludwigsburg
Home: Ludwigsburg / Baden-Württemeberg / Germany


IRC: Server: Freenode Channel: #fedora-de
IRC: Server: euIRC Channel:



Robert Scheck, Simon Wesp


Robert maintainer.png I'm maintaining this package at the corresponding branch
Robert comaintainer.png I'm co-maintaining this package at the corresponding branch
Robert review.png This package is under review and will be imported to this branch
Robert impossible.png Package can't be imported to this branch for different reasons

Please notice, that only active branches are listed below. The Fedora Package Database also contains the inactive and retired branches, which are out of date:

Package Description F-8 F-9 devel
moon-buggy Drive and jump with some car accros the moon Robert review.png Robert review.png Robert review.png


nothing yet ;)

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