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Pedro Farinha

I'm a proud user of Linux and OSS and I'm willing to give my contribute to the community! I've been around computers since I was very young and I'm finishing my graduation on Information Systems and Technologies in Portugal.


  • Email: plfarinha at gmail dot com
  • Location: Braga, Portugal
  • FAS: plf
  • Language: English<->Portuguese
  • About me: Since the AMD K6 era I've been actively using several Linux distributions in my personal life. I'm now finishing graduation and I'm a fellow for initiation on research on my university where I'm working on the usage of the WiiMote to support ubiquitous computing. I have some programming skills in PHP, Java and I'm currently learning Python.
  • GPG: CB50E7FE

Activities within Fedora

  • Now it's time to give my contribution to the OSS community. I feel this is the right place to start. For now I'm thinking of contributing by translating stuff into Portuguese but if there's anything else I'll be more than happy to help! :)