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Pradipta Kumar Dash

About me

I am Pradipta Kumar Dash, staying at Kolkata, India. My journey to learn and better understand Linux began over a decade ago, back in 2005. I had just installed my first Linux distribution and had quickly become intrigued with the whole concept and philosophy behind Linux. There are always many ways to accomplish a single task. The same can be said about Linux distributions. A great many have existed over the years. Some still exist, some have morphed into something else, yet others have been relegated to our memories. They all do things differently to suit the needs of their target audience. Because so many different ways to accomplish the same end goal exist, I began to realize I no longer had to be limited by any one implementation. Prior to discovering Linux, we simply put up with issues in other Operating Systems as you had no choice. It was what it was, whether you liked it or not. With Linux, the concept of choice began to emerge. If you didn't like something, you were free, even encouraged, to change it. I tried a number of distributions and could not decide on any one. They were great systems in their own right. It wasn't a matter of right and wrong anymore. It had become a matter of personal taste. With all that choice available, it became apparent that there would not be a single system that would be perfect for me. So I usually work with differenet Linux distros. But I like the concept of Fedora community So I am here with Fedora and plan to stay as long as I can contribute to Fedora.

Finally...... I Was Born Free...

No Gates No Windows Can Take My Freedom Away..

Enjoy Linux !!

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My nick is: Pradipta

I generally hang out at #linux-india, #fedora-india, #fedora-admin and other various fedora channels.


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