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For my day job, I work on enabling system boot for Red Hat. As such, my focuses are upstream development and Fedora/RHEL packaging. In a previous role, I was Red Hat's Kerberos development lead, and still chair the IETF Common Authentication Technology Next Generation (kitten) working group. I was originally hired at Red Hat in 2013 as an intern.

I work primarily in C, though I'm also happy in Python, various Assemblies, Haskell, Standard ML, and various Lisps.

For human languages, I speak English (native/professional), Spanish (intermediate), Norwegian Bokmål (beginner), and Classical Latin (possibly atrophied).

Outside work, I enjoy playing loud guitar, fermenting things, hiking/camping, biking, growing plants, and generally being outdoors.

I have a weakness for retro Apple hardware (m68k/early powerpc eras), though I'm not a collector. My regular keyboard is an Apple Extended II; also on that ADB adapter is a Kensington TurboMouse. Previously I've also operated a AppleTalk/LocalTalk network for printing. Using old / severely underspec'd hardware in modern computing environments is how I got started with Linux.

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