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Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta

About me

I am a student of Kalyani Government Engineering College pursuing B-Tech in Information Technology. Computers is my passion and Linux is something I can't resist.
I started out using Linux when I was in 1st year of my engineering but faced a lot of difficulties due to lack of info, knowledge and resources. I got my 1st Linux distribution after two (2) months of searching for it. Internet connection was a problem then and there was no-one to guide.

My first aim while using Linux was to do everything in it which I normally did in Windows.
Now, I have no windows installed in my system and I strongly believe in FOSS.
I would also like to pursue a carrier in FOSS.


  • Email:
  • IRC: Yfedora-ambassadors (
  • GPG key: Rohit Gupta
  • Fedora Account: rohit01
  • Call Me At:
    • +919832227444
    • +913412448164 (Home- I normally do not stay at home.)
  • Address:
    • 29/2 2N, NSB Road,
      West Bengal (India)

Activities within Fedora

  • I am a continuous Fedora user since I have my system (From Fedora 9)
  • I try to spread Fedora awareness in my college
  • I had successfully organised an Installfest in my college (KGEC) with more than 150 participants. It was a FAD with 'Fedora 10' as the Linux Distribution. More than 175 Free media Distributed (Students+Facuty+20FEL). Details:
  • I plan to start an GNU LUG in KGEC with Fedora as the main distribution and all Support
  • I am planning to organise classes in Fedora in my college
  • I am interested in making fedora softer by helping in the development of GUI Applications

I am looking forward to create awareness about fedora and live in the Fedora world of constant change.