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Antonio Murdaca
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About Me


  • Geek
  • Fedora Ambassador
  • linux maniac
  • Docker lover & upstream maintainer
  • Studied computer science and computer engineering
  • Joined Red Hat in Sept 2015 as a Sofware engineer for the Containers and Container Security teams

Full story;

Hello, my name is Antonio Murdaca. Some people may know me as "runcom" instead which is the nickname I use on github and IRC. I'm a Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc. since Sept 2015 where I currently work on containers technologies (from Docker, to rkt to many others). I'm also working on containers security stuff daily. My open source career (as I like to name it) started back in March 2015 when I started contributing to the Docker project. I had (and have) a strong motivation in contributing to the open source (I'll defer this to a blog post I wrote here which I think it will be helpful for everyone hungry to get started at contributing). Previously I also worked as a Web Developer but my main area of interest was (and is) clearly system programming. Today I'm a Core maintainer for the main docker/docker project and also for a bunch of other projects under the Docker organization.

I started contributing to Fedora as part of my daily job. There I started packaging Docker due to I was familiar with its build process. After getting my hands dirty with Docker I started packaging other software - mainly containers-related but many of the packages I maintain are golang libraries.

Nowadays I also sparingly contribute to the linux kernel - where I got some patches accepted. The area of the kernel I'm interested into right now is the vfs and the overlay union filesystem (this is probably related to the fact that Docker itself uses overlay as one of its storage driver for containers and images).

I'm the owner and maintainer of skopeo ( which is a tool which makes your life easier when interacting with Docker registries - even if my idea is to make it more Docker-agnostic! I also maintain containers/image ( which are the libraries used by skopeo.

I love speaking at conferences - which was something I was always afraid of in the past to be honest! So far, my fear of publicly speaking has been overcome at:

I'm always interested in hearing from people how they started their open source career or why they still didn't! If you want just ping me on IRC or via email and I'd be happy to discuss!