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Moshe Roffe

I am Here to Help you guys in all of your Fedora needs in ISRAEL. Email me at:

and of course to anyone interested i am located in "Maale Edumim" - Jerusalem Area.

don't hesitate to contact me for help.



Started a New Project in Source forge at is related to Audio Streaming which is my Personal Favorite. not so Fedora Related, but can be implemented for any country. i do it on FC4.

Started BETA testing FC5-test2, downloaded everything and i had my laptop NFS installed on. news about it SOON!!

i am doing research in VRRP and LACP for Linux (Red hat, Fedora). i think i will post it on Fedora Documentation Project (and in The Linux Documentation Projects as HOW-TO).

Switching for a new job, it will take me some time (but i hope give me more $$$) writing all this stuff, but i am hoping to work only on Linux.


i work on the same place a before, busy as ever. and yes i work only on fedora/rhel servers. i will change this entire wiki very soon.



now i work at a wonderful company. devoting all my time Linux. Excellent. many people are enjoying fedora 7/8. more to come.