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Hi, I'm supakeen or some people prefer to call me Simon de Vlieger. I package software for Fedora: mostly Python related things and am active in the support community. I work at Red Hat on the Image Builder team. Below is a whole bunch of details about me and where to find me in other locations. If you have any questions about things I know about don't hesitate to reach out to me.


  • Account Name: supakeen
  • Full Name: Simon de Vlieger
  • Timezone: CET


Other places around the internet


Things I do regarding Fedora.

Package Maintenance

I maintain the following packages:

  • python-pdir2 [1]
  • python-pdm-pep517 [2]
  • python-pygments-better-html [3]
  • python-token-bucket [4]

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