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Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan


Open Source Contribution

  • Fedora translator for Malay language since Fedora Core 1
  • Team leader for Malay translation team at Translation Project
  • Co-leader and SVN committer for KDE Malay
  • Leader and CVS commiter for Mandriva Linux Malay
  • Translator for Abiword Malay

Local Open Source Community Member

Web and Statistics

  • Fedora Translation

  • Projek Munsyi (Malay translation team at Translation Project)

Statistics page:
Project page:

  • Projek Kedidi Emas (KDE-MS)

Statistics page: (currently not working)
Team page:

  • Mandriva Linux for Malay language

Statistics page:


Email: szaman AT fedoraproject DOT org