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What to show on your laptop when you are at an event

When you are at an event, people will want to see Fedora in action to learn and see if it is really what they want or need, so be prepared to help them.

You don't know what to show to the people that come to your Fedora spot? Here are some useful tips you might like to put in practice:

Show some videos, and don't talk too much

People will constantly be coming by, and may not want to engage you in conversation, you can use a video to show off the principles of Fedora or the cool features of the release and let the people watch it 100 times.

You can also set some videos from our events:

Show off the list of items from Features/Talking Points

When you are talking with people directly at the booth they are most likely looking at using Fedora as their desktop operating system. Thus you should be familiar with both the Talking Points and Features for the current release (or upcoming release if it is soon to be released); and especially the section for desktop users.

Show a really nice Desktop

You can show off the actual desktop. It doesn't matter if you use Gnome, KDE or even Fluxbox (though you probably want to have at least one laptop present that is showing the default spin, since these may become new users who go for the 'default'), there are many ways to pimp your desktop and make it look awesome. Start for using a really cool wallpaper... if you don't want to use the default here is a collection of nice wallpapers. Be warned though that people will likely use your laptop and explore a bit, so consider creating an account just for events.