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To do list


  • Main premise: "Do to be"
    • Additional note: fedora ambassadors are characterized as contributors, workers and altruistic people. This is why to be a Fedora Ambassador, you must demonstrate that not only do you have the contributing spirit, but also the conviction to do it'.
    • Submitted by Neville Cross: Ambassadors Scale: Could be convenient to have an intermediate position where the candidates for Ambassadors can collaborate and gain by meritocracy the ambassadors position?

Fedora e-book

  • Working with Peru Fedora actually, thx to hacataka
    • Collect pictures and basic information of each user
    • Design diagram presentation
    • Artwork
    • Publicity, good pictures to start and continue, and motivate people
    • Development in process:
    • You can collect pictures of all (with some personal info) and motivate the others know who is fedora and join.
    • People love the photos of others, is a fact proven by the existence of so many social networks.


  • IRC Channel
  • Support for new users where basic problems can be overcome without attacking the newcomers
  • Attracting new talent
  • Polyglot?

Fedora-Learning Video

  • Working with state schools in Argentina with gimp Podcast
    • Videoconferencing to get areas too expensive or difficult to access.
    • Motivational talks to excite new users

Education Project: Fedora Classrooms

  • Submitted by: Alejandro Moncada - Colombia
  • Submitted by: Matias Maceira - Argentina
    • Working with state schools in Argentina with gimp Podcast
    • Possible involved: National University & CONICET + Ministry of Education
    • Educational Videos (5-7 min), reference guides, presentations,
    • Ability to give certificates: evaluation in progress
  • Submitted by: Basel Valentin - Argentina (ROBOTICS)

Government Project: Fedora-Gov

  • Submitted by: Hans Cruz Buchelli - Peru
    • Possible stakeholders: government agencies
    • NOTE: Based on Fedora, but not official

Education Project: Literacy Children using Fedora

  • Proposed by User:Eduzamorano: Eduardo A. O. Zamorano - Chile
    • Check paper for mail ... urgent

Fedora-Medical: Medical Triage Fedora tools

  • Submitted by Osman Arguello - Venezuela

Fedora Education Artwork

Education Project: Sugar Colombia

  • Submitted by: Pilar Saenz - Colombia
    • Note: Problems with resolution - FIXED