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I am Tushar Neupaney From Dharan, Nepal. I have been using Linux since 2003. My interest grew and it never stop. Now I am completely using Linux. I have dedicated myself toward linux and linux community.

I am ambassador for Fedora in Nepal. The Eastern part of Nepal where I live was completely blank.

So anyone who would like to get some support and help please call me. I will be ready to help. I would like to maintain a healthy environment here for Linux users and developers. My best work will be in the same line of thought.

Here in My place Dharan, I have arranged to develop a Linux community called

  • nixdharan. It started with a program in the Municipality building, there was

a larger crowd indeed.

The picture of the team outside the training center. This is the last pose including everyone but the photographer. :(


Welcome to the world of Fedora in Dharan and enjoy hacking :)