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I am a final year student of the department of computer sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria. I have been a longtime member of various computer science and ICT organizations, both student and professional bodies, including Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and National Association of Computer Science Student (NACOSS). I am currently the NACOSS PRESIDENT of the University of Lagos Chapter.

To me, programming is more of a passion than a profession. I started programming six years ago with the C language, but my favorite development languages are JAVA AND PHP. At times, I also code on the .NET platform(c#, ASP.NET). Recently, I delved into mobile app development and I am up to developing on the Android platform.

I have used some distros of Linux (redhat, oracle enterprise Linux) some years back and I decided to stay with fedora now that I am back at Linux. I like anything open-source, especially, since I am a student.

Proposed Contributions:

1. Increase Fedora presence in my locality especially among the student community.

2. Develop open source applications for the fedora platform.


Name: Tosin Oduwole


Mobile: +234-8055174028

FAS: Tosin