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Waleed Ahmed

I'm a Physics major student in cairo university....1st heard of Linux about 7 years ago..1st distro ever used was Red Hat i could not understand the system back then...specially that in Egypt (that's where i live :) ) a very few people knows that there exist some other OS besides MS Windows i've recently updated my PC's OS from MS windows to Fedora 10 which i'm totally fasinated with that i've encouraged 25 of my friends to use it too (which is really really a hrad thing to do) anyway...i think that the GNU GPL, OpenSource and Linux are very noble things and thoughts and every one should be aware of their existance so i've started to spread the thought out to every one... I've tried many Linux distro's which are all great...but in my openion Fedora is just the best one out there.. that's why i've joined the "Fedora Project" hope you do the same..

Breaking News: fedora is spreading in Cairo University :D ppl just love it...for it's speed, efficiency, abilities, GUI, 3D and of course it's liscence..

we are willing to hold 2 events (seminar and installation fest) in Faculty of Science - Cairo University next september


E-mail: E-mail: Mobile No.: +2010-4588-382 Mobile No.: +2011-4588-382 Fedora account:wellashow

Activities within Fedora

  • I wish to join the Fedora Ambassadors Project..