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解云鹏/Xie Yunpeng

个人介绍 / Personal Introduction

来自中国大陆,大学所修专业为计算机科学与技术专业,非常喜欢做基于linux平台的软件开发,并打算从事与GNU/linux相关的工作。自从Fedora 7开始我就一直使用fedora,非常喜欢fedora的开放性和创新性,将为Fedora在中国的传播尽绵薄之力。

I'm from China.My major at the university is computer science and technology , I like developing some software based on linux and intend to do GNU/linux related work.I have been using Fedora since Fedora 7. I like fedora very much for its openness and innovation.Since Fedora is such a good distribution of GNU/linux I will try my best to let others know Fedora.

联系方式/Contact Information

  • E-mail/Google Talk: (please change "#" to "@")
  • Fedora账号/Fedora Account: xielingyun
  • GPG公匙/GPG key:A54C55AD

活动与目标 / Activities within Fedora

  • 将为fedora开发一些有用的小程序
  • Try to develop some software for fedora
  • 参与管理fedora中文社区
  • Manage Fedora Chinese User Group
  • 完善 Fedora 中文 wiki 页面
  • Try to improve Fedora Chinese wiki pages

Fedora 推广 / Fedora Promotion

  • 论坛: 在国内的各个论坛宣传fedora,并且尽力解答别人的问题
  • BBS: I will try my best to disseminate fedora in many linux BBS and answer newbies' questions