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Gabriel Acosta

About Me

I was born on 1 December 1977. I've started to use Linux in 1999 and since that time I have tried several distributions choosing to Fedora over the rest. My intention is to help the rest of the users to learn about alternatives to the tools used by them. I have participated in difentes events of open source software, giving talks at different departments of my country. Actually, I work as a consultant in computer systems. Working with multiple platforms and in some cases virtualized systems. The knowledge acquired about free software in the course of these years has opened me many doors in the area of labor, providing many high-quality solutions to existing systems.


The community of Fedora Uruguay has participated in various events: Several Flisol events. Even being a member of the Fedora community in Uruguay led the coordination of the event in 2013. Talks of approach to open source software in the department of Rivera which lasted 2 days at the institute for teachers (CERP). It was attended by teachers, students and people interested in free software. We have also distributed copies of dvd of Fedora and spins armed by us to facilitate the initial use for new users.


IRC: FreeNode

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