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July 20th to 24th, 2010.


Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Puntarenas Campus. Costa Rica


  • FOSS Community Leaders from Central America


This is a gathering for set regional objectives, exchange insight and bring communities together. It is not meant to be a technical meeting. Tries to open a forum for strategical planning on regional goals and projects.

Fedora participation

The presence in this event is relevant as this is a way to built networking and scout for future Fedora collaborators.

Fedora Collaborators Attending:



Fedora Ambassadors held a "Questions and Answers" session. This was a open session. Attendance was not low, there were only three persons that were not ambassadors. This session was important as was a way to let newer ambassadors get to know better about Fedora project and the role that they are performing. But also there was space for the other people to ask questions.

As result of this session we have two new collaborators:


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