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April 24th, 2010. From 9:00 to 16:00 (-6 GMT)



  • All Public


  • Install Fest
  • Talks
  • Fedora Media distribution
  • Fedora Flyer with information
  • Fedora Stickers
  • Fedora t-shirts
  • Fedora Cheat Cube




Joel was in charge of this event. He got help form Walter Vargas y Guillermo Morales. There were 4 Fedora install from a total of 16. They distributed swag as well. This place endured a lot of problems due the lack of internet. There was between 300 and 400 people attending this event.


Yader was in charge of this event. He got some help from Adolfo Fitoria and Gema Jimenez. They multitasked among inscription for the event, swag table and installations. There were only four installs, three were for persons already connected to the FOSS community, and the last was the only fedora install for a brand new person. There were 82 persons registered at the end of the event. (travel distance: 45km)


Neville was in charge of this event. He got help from Francis Barreto. The event was cancelled due a strike by part of the University staff. All Flisol Staff were invited to a meeting room to receive apologies. I give a pack of media (Install DVD 32 and 64, KDE liveCD and Gnome liveCD) for the lab chief, so he can copy or lend for students. We all (people from Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and Fedora) took over the parking lot for some time to answer questions and distribute swags and media for about two hours. (travel distance: 148km)


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