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Zach Oglesby
Zach Oglesby
Personal Information
Birthday: July 7
Home: Baltimore, MD
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FAS-Name: zoglesby
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GPG-Key: F20C4707
IRC: zoglesby on in
#fedora-docs, #fedora-haskell, #xmonad, #haskell
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Zach Oglesby is a a database administrator who works with large PostgreSQL databases.


I started with Fedora as a docs guy and that is were I will most likely devote the majority of my time. I am responsible for the Multimedia Beat, and bugs that you file against Readme Burning Iso get sent to me. You can almost always find me in #fedora-docs if you have docs questions for me.


I am also orgnizing the docs projects initivate to have a more formal QA process. If you would like to get invloved please check out the Docs QA page.


I just recently started to package to help with the Haskell SIG, I have a few packages in review, and I am currently the owner of the following:



Haskell SIG

I use Xmonad and Haskell every day, so when I noticed that Fedora needed help in this area I started to help out. I am currently packaging haskell libraries, and in the long term I would like to work more on the Haskell Spin, and maybe even a Xmonad (without Gnome) spin.