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Fedora Events - IRC Presentation for the French Community

  • This event is intended for the promotion of The Fedora Project and how a non-english native can contribute to the success of such big project as The Fedora Project.
  • Title in French: "Comment contribuer en tant que français à Fedora - réflexion sur une mise en place d'un cadre adapté aux non-anglophones"


  • On IRC Server :
  • Channels :
  • #fedora-fr-meeting - For the Presentation
  • #fedora-fr-qa : To ask questions in order not to interfere with the Presentation
  • #fedora-fr-meeting-staff : (private: invite only) For Ambassadors to coordinate the flow of the presentation.


  • April 27, 2006 at 18:45 UTC (at 20:45 in Paris/France)
  • Duration : 1h 30


  • ChitleshGoorah - Strasbourg/France - ChitleshGoorah
  • ThomasCanniot - Lille/France - MrTom
  • DamienDurand - Ciney/Belgique - [splinux]
  • AurelienBompard - Paris/France - abompard
  • WilliamHoffmann - France / Paris and surroundings
  • FredericHornain - France / Nord


  • Secret Guest

Scheduled Talks

  • 1) Overview of the Fedora Project - ChitleshGoorah
  • 2) The Fedora Projects - DamienDurand

Fedora Core, Fedora Extras, Fedora Mktg, Fedora Triage, Fedora Docs, Fedora i18n, Fedora Artwork, Les nouvelles équipes fedora

  • 3) (Réflexion sur l'aide francophone) - ThomasCanniot
  • 4) Fedora Core 6 - AurelienBompard
  • 5) SELinux - AurelienBompard
  • Questions and Answers with our Secret Guess.

Press Coverages

The skeleton of the Presentation

The Presentation will be done on the channel #fedora-fr-meeting. One by one, the Fedora Ambassadors will talk (write) about a particular topic (see Scheduled Talks). In order not to disturb the presentation, attendees are requested to join the channel #fedora-fr-qa too where they can ask their questions. The Fedora Ambassadors will copy and paste the questions back to the channel #fedora-fr-meeting at the appropriate moment. Nevertheless, in the end Fedora Ambassadors will be available to answer other questions with the Secret Guest.

Attendees are informed that channels (#fedora-fr-meeting and #fedora-fr-qa) may be logged and published on the fedoraproject wiki pages.

Announcement in French

Présentation de Fedora Core - FUDCon Virtuel

Les Ambassadeurs Fedora de France et de Navarre se réunissent pour présenter leur distribution favorite : Fedora Core. Peu de temps après la sortie de la dernière mouture, Fedora Core 5, ils ont décidé de lever le voile, et de répondre à toutes les questions. Toutes. Et ceci durant un FUDCon Virtuel (Fedora Users and Developpers Conference).

Au cours de cette présentation, divers aspect de la distribution et de la communauté seront abordés. Au menu :

1) Présentation du projet fedora par Chitlesh Goorah

2) Les sous projets par Damien Durand

3) SELinux par Aurelien Bompard

4) Fedora Core 6 par Aurelien Bompard

5) Réflexion sur l'aide francophone par Thomas Canniot

Vous êtes donc conviés, oui, vous, à assister à ce vFUDCon, qui aura lieu jeudi 27 avril 2006, à 20h45 sur le serveur Le salon? #fedora-fr-meeting. Vous pourrez poser vos questions sur le salon-prévu-à-cet-effet : #fedora-fr-qa.

En espérant vous voir nombreux!


The logs of both channels can be found in French here ["fr_FR/FedoraEvents/vFUDCon/01France"]

Feedback in French



The presentation started at 2100 Local time (France/Paris) yesterday, it gathered fairly enough public :)

Our special guest was RahulSundaram. He stayed for two hours with us, though he was reading french posts on those channels.

Yes, the duration was twice as expected., more than 3 hours :)

As expected, the scheduled topics was  :

  • 1) Overview of the Fedora Project - ChitleshGoorah
  • 2) The Fedora Projects - DamienDurand
  • 3) SELinux - AurelienBompard
  • 4) Fedora Core 6 - AurelienBompard
  • 5) (Réflexion sur l'aide francophone) - ThomasCanniot
  • 6) Questions and Answers with our Secret Guess.

Concerning the report of this event, we (those who participated) have agreed that each of us will write a small report on his presentation.

Globally, all those topics could bearly be covered in 1h30 . :) , besides some (from the public) were a bit too excited.

Otherwise, everyone got enough priviledge to ask questions.

  • 1) Overview of the Fedora Project - ChitleshGoorah

Briefly, I've introduced the Fedora Project, the Fedora Core and the Fedora Board and RedHat's participation.

We tried to keep this vFUDCon interactive as far as I can, (yes, some (from debian) abused it too) .

The main questions were about:

  • aiglx in rawhide.
  • no packages of xgl in Extras
  • mono, OIN

Afterwards, DamienDurand continued with The Fedora Projects. (He will talk briefly about it later.)

Then it was AurelienBompard's turn with SELinux (He will talk briefly about it later.).

Before AurelienBompard continued with FC6, ThomasCanniot talked about some new ideas for the French participation to the Fedora Project He will talk briefly about it later.).

At that time it was too late for RahulSundaram, we continued Questions and Answers without him.

In the end, I've described the status of Kadischi and an eventual Official Fedora Livecd in the near future.

Best thing in the end, was : [23:59:21] <pti-seb> c'est quand la prochain fudcon ?

When will be the next FUDCon ? its vFUDCon :)

The logs files are uploaded to


Hello, here is the report for my presentation, Chitlesh Goorah has almost said everything about the organization of the event.

5) How to help the Fedora Project as a non-English speaker?

This short presentation was a mean to introduce a new section in the Forum, which will allows member to post bug reports directly on our Forum, in French. Then an ambassador will translate the bug report and add it to the official Bugzilla.

Moreover, another section will be opened soon to allow user to post their packages, which will be verified and submitted to Extras.

We had many questions during the vFUDCon before my presentation asking about such features for our forum. We had good feedbacks about this little revolution, people welcome it. We have now to help them reporting bugs *properly*.

I would like to thank all the other involved ambassadors for their help and very good work. Yesterday evening was a great day for the French Community in France. We can be proud of us. :)



I covered two topics : SELinux and Fedora Core 6.


I explained quickly what SELinux is about, how it is an additional security layer to the kernel. I talked about strict vs targeted, and how to switch to enforcing/permissive/disabled. I told about setenforce to test if SELinux can be the cause of a malfunction.

Concerning the workings of SELinux, I only explained the use of the "type" property (file_contexts), and I used an example of a compromised FTP server to show that is will only do what it supposed to do, even compromised. Apparently people liked the example, some event said it was the first time they understood SELinux (which is quite gratifying :) )

I had questions about how to make changes to the policy : one user didn't know about the SELinux tab in system-config-securitylevel, and another wanted to let apache listed to other ports than 80.

Someone asked if it is possible to manage SELinux policies according to groups, which forced me to talk about MLS/MCS :)

So in the end, people were interested, and looked like they understood.

Fedora Core 6

I basically took the points in and explained what was said at FUDCon Boston.

I had questions about the future Yum applet, about a potentially new init system, and about hardware support (for suspend/resume)

There were requests for a 1 or 2 CD install (yet again)

I think it went pretty good, except in the end when people used the questions channel for trolling and commenting the main channel.

People started asking generic questions right after the start, so for future vFudCons, it may be a good idea to collect generic questions 1 or 2 days before the event, and to answer them at the beginning.

Also, maybe it's just us frenchmen who don't understand the word discipline, but we need to prevent the questions channel from becoming a troll nest.

People (especially on IRC) need to comment what's going on and screem "bullsh!t" from time to time, so we can open (yet) another channel for free comments. And the non-presenting ambassadors can redirect trolls to this channel. And the main channel can be made read-only except for the ambassadors. That could work, we'll see next time :)

In the end, we're all pretty satisfied with how things went, especially since it's our first.


Just two words about this vfudcon, i've presented and explained how to join different fedora projects.

The following points were approached :

  • Fedora ambassador
  • Fedora triage
  • Fedora Extras
  • Fedra arts
  • Fedora docs
  • Fedora Website
  • Fedora legacy

The explanation was simple, for each projects:

  • 1) What the goal of each project is
  • 2) How to join the project
  • 3) Answer about each questions

Personally, i think that time too court, besides that, the vfudon is a success.