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Joining the Fedora Websites Project

If you're interested in helping with this effort, please complete the following steps:

Personal Information
Fedora is a very visible and transparent project, which means that its mailing lists are archived and mirrored in many places on the internet outside of our control. Please use caution when sharing personal information with Fedora on a mailing list, because it is not possible for us to remove any postings from the wider Internet universe after they are sent. For more details, please refer to Fedora's Privacy Policy.
  1. Join the websites mailing list.
  2. Establish an account and sign the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement through the Fedora Account System.
  3. Review the wiki editing page to understand the wiki guidelines.
  4. Start with the How to fix bugs on the Fedora Project website to familiarize with the right procedure and prepare your system as described. (You can do so also if you are not part of the websites group)
  5. Send a self-introduction email with some notes about your experience and skill level to the websites list. (Don't forget this!)
  6. Start contributing with the easyfix items, which have been evaluated as easy entrance point and file pull requests.
  7. A summary of all the open tickets is available in the pagure issues page.
  8. Once you have gotten familiar with the team and have contributed some, request sponsorship by applying to the 'web' group in the Fedora Account System.
  9. At some point, you will be requested to apply for sponsorship to the 'gitfedora-web' group, which will allow you to commit to the fedora-websites repository (where the website source code is at)
  10. After getting write access to our repository you should read and get familiar with our workflow.
You do not need to request sponsorship in the 'web' group until after you have introduced yourself and begun contributing.

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