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Fedora Websites Meeting 2008-06-30

Roll Call

Max Spevack, Jonathan Roberts, Mairin Duffy, Michael Beckwith, Ian Weller, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams, Robert Scheck, Juank Prada, Luck Macken

Discussion Summary


  • Came first as meeting was primarily targeted at discussing what needs doing for spins
  • Jonathan Roberts had an update for get-help, but needs to figure out how to share stuff for websites easier.

spins.fp.o Test Instance

  • We have a git repo which can be accessed by joining the FAS group "gitspins"
  • We have permission to use publictest12 for testing
  • Need to clarify on how we make use of this (Max Spevack has this covered)

What Is A Spin?

  • Clint Savage has made progress on this, though couldn't attend meeting
  • See what he has so far here

Site Map

  • Site map available here, as created by Mairin Duffy
  • For details about the site map, see log at 22:22 - 22:24
  • Next steps are: use cases diagrammed and page wire-frames created

Development Bits

  • TurboGears makes sense as the rest of the project uses it
  • Luck Macken is going to help us out
  • Need to create a model (e.g. MVC e.g. model-view-controller) as next step here
  • Will make use of Gobby for creating model, maybe Toshio will help
  • Juank Prada is going to post to list with time and date for a developer get together